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By integrating transportation management, warehouse storage with local delivery and installation, customers remove the risks associated with the hand-offs between suppliers, carriers, and service providers. We developed a process flow that provides the best-in-class supply chain visibility throughout the process.


In accordance with law of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of the Health and Welfare. Victor Logics delivers the goods according to the principle of FIRST IN FIRST OUT (FIFO) and the records are available and accessible via Victor Logisitcs web inquery database and for our customers!

    Victor Logistics delivers the best in warehousing and distribution.




Finding the right solutions for your company's storage and distribution needs, increases profitability and promotes your corporate reputation for reliability. At Victor Logistics, we have more than 35 years of experience in managing warehousing and distribution for our clients. We deliver an outstanding array of warehouse services that include the following: 

  • Customized B2C e-commerce logistics
  • On-line inquiry system for real-time inventory, stock and shipment records checks.  
  • More than 6600 square meters of warehouse space domestically 
  • Warehouse storage and distribution 
  • Asset recycling, disposal and decommissioning
  • Inventory management and asset tracking
  • Digitized customer purchase order information
  • Local delivery and installation
  • Real-time inventory updating for optimal supply chain
  • customized service plans designed to suit your company's ongoing storage and delivery needs.

At Victor Logistics, we provide comprehensive storage and distribution services for your company. Our cutting-edge warehouse management system sets us apart from competing warehousing companies and ensures that your supply chain functions smoothly, every step of the way. 

We work with you to identify your unique set of needs and priorities, allowing you to enjoy tailored solutions to your logistical requirements. This lets us act as your partner in the warehousing, distribution and inventory management aspects of your business plan and ensures the most cost-effective solutions for your company's needs. At Victor Logistics, our integrated approach to storage and distribution ensures that your supply chain functions properly and offers your customers fast response times in the competitive marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about how we can increase the speed of your delivery processes while managing all aspects of distribution and storage for your company.



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